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A. Meliora offers experiential educational services to individuals, families and groups of Northern California to encourage wellness based practices as well as actions that contribute to sustainable community economic and social development.

We offer programs, interactive workshops, coaching, presentations, and trainings which incorporates therapeutic recreation and other experiential activities as tools for learning and understanding.







As a prospective B Corp member, we are actively engaged in bringing entrepreneurs business, citizen groups and organizations together for the purpose of showcasing and providing education on services and products that contribute to sustaining healthy development of Northern California communities in a unique way that results in a harmonious call for active partnerships that benefits every citizen, business and organization.

To bring our vision into fruition, our Linkages Network is a vehicle in which we use to provide direct and/or adjunctive experiential educational services. Moreover, we host a series of conferences and provide a directory of partners who contribute to the development of Northern California communities by providing health, wellness and green based products and services.

It is for you

We welcome everyone to participate in our services. In fact, most of our clients have been referred by practitionerseducators and family members. Of the practitioners who have referred their client, many belong to our Linkages Network.

We maintain special contracts with the VA Clinic of Northern California, AMVets Post #4 Mojo and DayStar Ranch, Inc. to provide free equine based self-learning process programs to Veterans and their families.

In addition, we occasionally partner with local and national non-profits to make our workshops and programs affordable for participants.



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